It’s a long time now that I’m searching for the ideal reel/rod sleeves  to protect my fishing gear, and that would fit all of my needs. This is what I think a sleeve should incorporate:

Rod Sleeves

  • Not made out of plastic mesh, because they scratch the rods finish in time
  • I would prefer a thicker material, something like neoprene, to protect my rods/guides, and not scratch the finish of my rod
  • Made in such a way that I can leave my lure on, or/and the line threaded thru the guides, meaning it should cover only the top 3/4 portion of the rod
  • By itself, not attached to any reel cover
  • Of course good looking is always a plus 🙂

Reel Sleeves

  • Preferably neoprene 
  • They should fit both left hand reels and right hand reels
  • They shouldn’t strangle the line when mounted on the reel
  • I should be able to leave the lure tied on
  • They should protect the reel as best as possible. The best you care for a reel, the faster you can sell it for top $$ if you ever want to change something in your arsenal
  • They should be able to handle a blow or a fall to the reel…
  • I would prefer them not to be from a reel making company. I always hated having a Shimano reel cover on a Daiwa or an Abu reel for e.g.
  • It shouldn’t be attached, at least not permanently to a rod sleeve.

Until now, the closest I could find to my needs was the Angler Innovations Rod Jacket, that are still a bummer to use for left hand reel users. There are a ton of left hand reel users out there, including myself. The Rod Jacket can be used on a left hand reel, but you have to pull the reel cover reversed over the reel, which strangles the line and makes it a tad difficult to use. I only prefer them when boat fishing. When shore fishing, I actually prefer to use just a reel cover after I make it out fishing, but in this case it’s undetachable, so I have to have extra reel covers for my reels.

A few weeks ago, while surfing around the web, I stumbled upon a picture of something that looked like what I was thinking about that I would like. After a 10-15 min research I stumbled upon , where I finally find what i was searching for some time now: Pro Series Rod Glove, The Reel Glove and, apparently a worthless accessory The Rod Glove Saver.

The rod gloves, Pro Series Rod Gloves are made out of neoprene. They are not as easy to put on and get off like the Stick Jacket, or the VRX regular Rod Gloves Series, but they will never scratch the rods finish after extended usage. They will better protect both your rod blank, guides, and finishes on the rod, no matter how many times you get them on or off your rod. They protect the rod, and keep them from tangling when you have more than one rod in there. They are the perfect length, at least for me they are. You can easily leave your lures on, on both spinning and casting rods.








I don’t really recommend them for light and ultra light rods.. they seem on the heavy side for them…. but everything does on these rods, that’s why I prefer them in 2 pcs instead of 1pcs.

P.S. For those that might actually prefer a better coverage for their rod, and don’t care about leaving their lures on, there is a extra long cover version to protect the rod just they way you’d want.

The Reel Gloves, the casting moel, have a simetric design, which makes them usable on both left hand and right hand reels. The first time you put them on, might be a tad tricky, but after this it’s going to be a play in the park. They are very well thought thru, and don’t strangle the line when mounted on the reel. You can leave your lure on. They are thick enough, to keep your reel safe in case of an accident. You can adjust the line after they are mounted on the reel, leaving the handle free moving. Unlike Angler Innovations Jackets they are not attached to any rod sleeve. They have a disadvantage though: they are designed for low profile reels only, so those that might have round profile reels, won’t be able to enjoy them for these reels. I’m not amongst those anglers, so it’s not a concern for me.









The Spinning Reel Gloves are very well thought thru as well, and can be used on both left hand and right hand configurations. They can be mounted on or of the rod. They seem a bit large for the 1000 size reels, but other than that…..




Rod Glove Saver is an accessory that’s keep your Rod Glove on the rod. It’s a very simple, clever device. Practically it’s an elastic with a clip mounted at one end, for attaching it to the Rod Glove. It’s a very clever clip, that’s very easy to use. I like using this accessory, and you don’t have to get it off your Rod Glove ever, after putting it on.






I’m sold! I’m going to change all my reel and rod covers in the near future, that protect my gear in all conditions.

For those that invest time, money and effort into having their fishing gear, know the importance of good quality protection gear. Only I kno how many times I’ve broke guides of a rod, because of carelessness transporting them without a cover. And we all know that a scratch free reel is much easier to sell than a boat rashed one, whenever you might want to change a reel in your arsenal.