We fishermen are impossible to leave home without our fishing tackle, no matter where we travel. The hardest thing to do is to be able to fit a rod in our bag, because their’s always room for a reel and some lures in out travel case.

I’m looking for a travel series of blanks to satisfy my needs, that’s 3 pieces, feels connected, and almost like a 1 pcs blank, with a fluid curve.

So far I haven’t came across anything like this, except this year, when I stumbled upon Phenix Redeye, which developed an entire series of travel blanks, from trout to saltwater applications, they made it all possible.

Long story short, Phenix Redeye, at the moment is the most perfect you can get with a travel blank. These are the best travel series I’ve ever seen in my life, the perfect mariage between sensitivity, power and weight. They feel, and look like a 1 pcs rod, but you can fit them in any travel bag/case, no matter where you’re going: on a beach vacation, into the mountains, traveling for work… it doesn’t matter, now you’ll be able to relax after a long day of whatever on the edge of any water in the world.


Model Length Line pcs. Act. Lure Butt Tip Weight
lb. oz. mm mm gr.
BR3-C-700MH-B 7′ 8-17 3 Fast 3/8-1 13.2 2.0 51
BR3-C-700H-B 7′ 10-25 3 Extra Fast 3/8-1 1/2 13.3 2.0 60
BR3-C-780H-B 7’8″ 10-25 3 Fast 3/8-1 1/2 14.0 2.0 71
BR3-S-720M-B-spinning 7’2″ 6-12 3 Fast 3/8-1/2 11.7 1.8 45

BR3-S-720M – is probably the most versatile spinning blank for travel purposes. Ideal for larger trout, drop shot, small jigs, shakey head and whatever finesse application you might think of for fish up to 3-5kg.

BR3-C-700MH-B – This is probably the best blank you could choose for an allrounder bass application.

BR3-C-700H-B si BR3-C-780H-B  – these are more powerfull blanks that can be fished in both saltwater and freshwater, with enough power to punch some jigs into heavy cover or fishing larger lures.



Model Lung Fir Buc. Act. Naluca Butt Vf. Greut
lb. oz. mm mm gr.
TR3-S601-B 6′ 1-6 3 Mod Fast 1/32-1/8 6.858 1.4 22
TR3-S-701-B 7′ 1-6 3 Mod Fast 1/32-1/8 7.366 1.4 26
TR3-S-801-B 8′ 1-6 4 Mod Fast 1/32-1/8 9.067 1.6 42


TR3-S601-B – is the best for stream trout up in the mountains. It’s short enough for agile, and precise casting, but flexible enough not to rip their mouths.

TR3-S701-B – Is muc better for longer casts, open water, and small lures for trout.



Model Lung Fir Buc. Act. Naluca Butt Vf. Greut
lb. oz. mm mm gr.
RTX-700-3MH-B 7′ 20-50 3 Fast 15.5 3 164
RTX-760-3M-B 7’6″ 15-40 3 Fast 15.5 3 170
RTX-800-3L-B 8′ 12-30 3 Fast 14.5 2.4 164