First of all I have to say I really love the Aldebaran, and lately it’s one of my favourite reels, after modifying it to a 6.2:1 gear ratio, as my intent for this reel is smaller minnows, deep divers, and other cranks that are more fitted for lake trout, and the river fishing I do around these parts. As you can see, the 8:1 gear ratio is a bit to much for me to handle.

The main body of the body of the Shimano Aldebaran BFS has the same architecture as the Curado 51E, Core 51E and the Aldebaran. The difference between the Aldebaran BFS XG and the rest of the reels is the width of the side-plates, and positioning of the knob, resulting a 8.5mm less wider reel.


Considering all of the above, I went ahead and ordered me a set of brass gears from a Shimano Curado 51E, to see how they fit, parts: BNT4179 and BNT4176 from Shimano USA .



Upon receiving the gears I noticed that the pinion gear had an extrusion in the upper side, when compared to the Aldebaran BFS XG. I went ahead and fitted the gear as they were in the Aldy, put it back together, and it worked perfectly, just until I pushed the clutch, and noticed it only goes half way. It was definitely the pinion gear’s extrusion, that didn’t let the clutch go all the way.

Notice the Curado 51E pinion gear's extrusion on the left

Notice the Curado 51E pinion gear’s extrusion on the left

Opened it back again, and, using a Dremel tool I sanded off that extra bit, and put the reel seat back together with the 6.2:1 gears. Now it worked flawlessly. Clutch was working all the way, was as smooth as it can get, and my favourite part… it had slower gears, just perfect for what my intent was for this reel.

Now the pinion gears are the same height, and should work in the Aldebaran BFS XG

Now the pinion gears are the same height, and should work in the Aldebaran BFS XG


Grease the reel up, and it's ready to go ...

Grease the reel up, and it’s ready to go …

Of course I went out and tested the reel… and all I can say is that it’s just as it should be right out of the box.

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