MATAGI_LOGO At the present time, Matagi is world renound for it’s impecably designed rodbuilding parts. Working closely with fuji Matagi offers the vastest array of rod components to accomplish any fetish you might think off.
mudhole_logo Mudhole is the largest, and most complete rodbuilding online store in the world, with everything from blanks from the most renowned manufacturers to the smallest items you can think off.
MHX 2011 Logo MHX sunt in prezent cele mai bine vandute blankuri pe piata din SUA, avand cel mai bun raport calitate pret. Sunt comparabile cu blancuri mult mai scumpe, cu un control al calitatii in 7 stagii, care verifica rectilinitatea lor, diametrul varfului, diametrul butt-ului, greutate si lungime – si sunt testate in sarcina pentru a confirma puterea si actiunea specifica fiecarui blank.Aceste blancuri sunt destinate strict rodbuilding, din intreaga lume, pana in prezent neexistand nici o lanseta de serie construita pe aceste blancuri.
boca_Logo Boca are at the moment the the best ball bearings for the price offered. They are best known for their Orange Seal Hybrid Ceramic Bearings.
Phenix has a strong comeback in the industry, and they recently started providing blanks for rod building. They have a very large array of blanks, specialized for bass, and even the most specialized blanks for trout fishing found in the USA, which are very close to the JDM designed trout blanks.Also recently they came out with the K2 series, which is right now the lightest bass blank in the industry… we’ll see if it’s also as strong.