I’m one of those who couldn’t yet get used to the fiberglass, for crankbaitin’. I might use fiberglass up to medium-light, but over that power fiberglass tends to get really heavy and bulky, and really slow maneuvering sticks. I’ve tried my best to get used to e MH Lamiglas Fiberglass Crankin’ stick, but our relationship wasn’t going to last. To heavy, to bulky, to sluggish… not my type. It’s not for for me, but this is just me…
I needed something else, and the only thing I knew was that fiberglass just wouldn’t cut it for me. Fortunately I get to see a lot of blanks, and I’ve seen them all: St Croix Crankbait rods, St. Croix SCI, Phenix X Series, Lamiglas…, T-Russell Blanks from Matagi, and many others… I’ve finally come across something I’m in love with… Love at first sight I might say: MHX Blend, an entire crankbaitin’ series that I’m really impressed with. Without considering the price which is in the 50-60$ range.
MHX blend Crank Bait. These blanks are a bland of different modulus graphite, which allows the creation o some really cool actions, that you won’t ever find in a blank made out of one type of graphite. These, compared to my fiberglass disappointments are much lighter,  crispier, thinner, and they have a really pleasant curve to them… Everything you might also love in a 21st century woman :D. The blanks have really progressive tips with a really nice, perfect mod-fast curve to them. They’re ideal for fishing crank baits, spoons, and spinners. The shortest blank in the  MHX-Blend series is CB783-Blend,  6’6″ (1.98m), 8-14lb, 3/16-5/8 oz, and the longest at 8′. The MHX-Blend blanks are 35-40% lighter than similar powered blanks made in fiberglass, which for me is a very important aspect, especially when fishing for an entire day, not to mentions a few days in a row. No matter how much you work out at the gym you’ll feel it in your wrist when you’re fishing a heavy rod. Most important is that more powerful blanks in the series, compared to fiberglass blanks have a better defined power reserve… much better suited for controlling a hard fighting fish. So far I’ve fished the oposite ends of this series: MHX-CB841-Blend and MHX CB847-Blend. With MHX CB841-Blend I’ve fished for the first time in 2012 in Sweden, and later on for other species in Romania, while the CB847-Blend, the most powerful 7′ blank in the series I specially designed for pike fishing with large cranks, big spinners, spoons and deep crankbaits. Even though I made this rod for pike fishing, I like it so much I’ll start working it with cranks and deep cranks on our rivers for zander (walleye), asp and hopefully catfish… And if all is well, I’ll probably catch some bass in Spain with it this year.

CB847 Blend is my go to rod for cranking big stuff or deep diving crankbaits. I really love this one..

CB847 Blend is my no. 1 for large ceanks, spoons, and big spinners for pike…


MHX-CB841Blend ideal pastravii suedezi si avatii romanesti

MHX-CB841Blend ideal for the Swedish trout 😀

In the next video you have some sequences from my fishing trip in Sweden, in the Kiruna area… SORRY YOU DON”T UNDERSTAND WHAT I’M SAYING 😀 . 

MHX CB841 Blend in Sweden – EN from Sava Andrei on Vimeo.