• Spinning – St.Croix 3S66LF2  Custom (6’6″, 2pcs, 4-8lb, 1/16-1/4oz, Fast), Fuji Torzite guides, reel seat/ handle custom made & Matagi, custom made decals. Use: chub, perch, crappie,  river trout,  lake trout with up to 5cm lures and  spoons up to 5-6g.
  • Spinning – Lamiglas IFW (6’6″, 2 pcs, 3-14g, 4-10lb, Mod Fast), probably the cheapest blank I have built a rod on – Combination of Fuji Alconite and TiSiC guides, reel seat / handle custom made with Matagi parts. Use: cranks and spoons for lake trout, asp on smaller rivers.
  • Spinning – Phenix Travel Series BR3-S-720M-B-spinning (7’2″, 6-12lb, 1/8-1/2oz, 3pcs, Fast)-  Fuji Alconite guides, Fuji SiC top, Matagi parts handle. Use: trout exoeditions, sea fishing in Greece, lake trout fishing with cranks and spoons and small soft plastics, asp fishing.


  • Casting: St.Croix 5S66LF Custom, (6’6″, 4-8lb, 1/16-1/4oz, Fast) Fuji TiSiC KR concept guides,  custom made with Matagi parts handle. Ure: perch, chub with 3-7cm minnows and small crankbaits, lake trout with up to 5-7cm hardbaits, and spoons up to 8-9g.
  • Casting: MHX-HM-SB812 Custom, Fuji SiC KR concept guides, ALPS MVT reel seat, Matagi and custom made parts for the foregrip, Portuguese  Super Grade cork, custom made/designed decal. Use: Zander/walleye finesse jiggind,  3g – 14g jigs make it justice. It has an Ex-Fast tip which is flexible enough to make mi fish it with hardbaits (minnows and shads – non deep diving) from 4-5g to 20g(this being the largest – Rapala Original Floater 18cm). I noticed I rarely miss a bite fishing it for chis small cranks. 
  • Casting: MHX Blend – CB847 Custom, extended to 7’3″ (7’3″, 12-25lb, 1/2-1 3/8oz., Mod-Fast), Fuji SiC KR concept guides, custom made handle with Matagi painted reel seat and split grip carbon tube, custom made/designed decals. Use: crankbaits for pike fishing from 7g up to 60g, everything I can throw,  medium to large spinnerbaits when the  K2 TX-736H-c  seems to be to rigid. I also use it for pike, topwater fishing. 
  • Casting: Phenix K2 TX-736H-C Custom (7’3″, 10-30lb, 1/2-2oz, Fast), Fuji SiC KR concept guides,custom made handle with Matagi parts. Use:  XXL hardbaits for pike which overload the CB847, medium and large spinnerbaits medii si mari in heavy cover, fishing soft plastics on jigs and offset from 5g up to 80g… anywhere there’s need for a heavier rod this is the one I use for now. I was never dissapointed. 

Coming up next: Andrew’s Fishing AF-TK62UL and AF-TK66ML … new projects for imaginative thinking :D. 


  • Casting: Daiwa T3 Air 68L
  • Casting: Shimano Metanium Mg DC, left hand, manivela carbon, 95mm
  • Casting: Shimano Antares DC, Left hand, manivela carbon, 95mm, knoburi Daiwa RCS Cork
  • Casting: Abu Garcia Winch Gen 2, ultima generatia “full metal”
  • Spinning: Daiwa Infinity Q 2000
  • Spinning: Daiwa Kaldia 2004