I wanted a multipurpose rod: spinnerbaits, topwater, and some jigging when needed. From the dozen of blanks I’ve tried out, I came to the conclusion the SB812-HM from MHX is what I need. 6’9″, 10-17lb, 3/9-5/8oz with an Ex-Fas action should be perfect.

Initially I wanted something simple, but by playing with some of Matagi components I’ve mistakenly discovered that miss fitting some of them made a pretty cool foregrip for this rod, that with the camo split grip, was just the perfect outside the box design.

It’s been a long time now since I wanted to try out the CAMO EVA from Matagi, but postponed it for some time… I used Fuji SiC K guides: KWSG 10, KWSG 5.5, 9X KBSG5 and a MNST5-1.8mm  top. As a reel seat I used the classic ECS from Fuji painted gloss black at Matagi.

Hope you like my new rod:).