Last year at Efftex Vienna, I discovered the new reel seats from ALPS, AGC reel seats, made from both, the regular low grade graphite reel seats are usually made out of, and the new MVT (Micro Vibration Transmission), which is some sort of high modulus composite, probably making them the most sensitive reel seats ever made.

ALPS AGC grafit – regular graphite – which come in different colors: Blue Black, Brown Black and a ruberizer gripy finish. 

Blue Black/ Blue Back - CWG-AGC16 Blue/Black-KN-GT

Brown Black / Brown Back - CWG-AGC16 Brown/Black-KN-GT/S

Ruberized Grip - CWG-AGC16S-KN-B/S


AGC MVT – Grafit High Modulus crud – Micro Vibration Transmission – the most sensitive reel seats ever created. 

Unfortunately, clear finish I’ve seen at Vienna was changed, without notice to the raw graphite finish. I much preferred the clear finish that was shown at Vienna.

AGC - MVT High Modulus - CWG-AGCMVT16-KN


The classics: –  16mm si 17mm – Silver si Black Hood



Metallic pieces from  ALPS – XACK-G, XACK-ORG, XACK-SG – 

Winding checks – Gold, Metallic Orange, Gunsmoke Metallic

Alps Winding Checks


Trim rings for the  16 sized reel seats.They fit all of ALPS reel seats, as well as Fuji Reel Seats – colors Gunsmoke Metallic, Orange Metallic, Gold. – TRS16-ORG, TRS16-SG, TRS16-G


Trim ring filet mandrine de 16

Trim rings pentru filet mandrine 16


Trim rings  for the casting reel seats – Gunsmoke Metallic, Orange Metallic, Gold, Silver – TRC-ORG, TRC-G, TRC-S, TRC-GT 

Trim Rings mandrine casting - se potrivesc atat la mandrine ALPS cat si Fuji

Filet Trim Ring ornamentals for the 16 sized reel seats – Blue Metallic, Red Metallic, Gold, Orange Metallic – LN16-ORG, LN16-CB, LN16-R, LN16-G 

Trim ring filet ornamental - mandrine de 16

Trim ring ornamental filet mandrine de 16